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Recycling: An Eco-Friendly Revolution!

Every year we create hundreds of tons of trash. Almost 30 percent of this waste (most packaging material, wrapping and paper) is recycled and reused. The rest is sent off to landfills, where it takes 100 to 400 years to decompose.

Have you ever wonders what happens to this waste? Whether it's treated or not? Or about what you can do to minimize it?

Environment ignorance can be fixed, and this is what we are trying to do. ECAT (Environmental Centre for Arab Town) in alliance with ATO (Arab Town Organization) and Dubai Municipality aims to spread the word, and help Arab cities and towns meet the environmental challenges of the future.

Through the Envirocities e-Magazine (a bilingual e-magazine), seminars and conferences, ECAT is creating awareness among people to derive collective and individual level contribution.

Key points of our collaborative and educational efforts include:

  • Reduce: It is best to use products with less packing and discourage multiple layered packing to reduce paper wastage.
  • Replace: Encourage people to use long lasting or durable products like cloth towels, regular glasses and plates in place of disposable items like napkins, glasses, spoons or plates.
  • Reuse: Increase the use of items that can be reused quite a few times. Avoid buying stuffs for temporary use like birthday buntings, banners etc.
  • Recycle: Urge the populace to collect recycling material and dispose them as proper recycling centers. It helps conserve natural resources like timber, water and coals. Moreover, it saves energy and reduces greenhouse emissions.
  • Recover: It promotes the process of regaining energy from fossil fuels, coal and gas.

The Arab world is keen to take authentic measures to develop a healthier, greener environment, and we at ECAT, are here to help local cities and towns achieve this goal.

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