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Nature Reserves: A New Alpha!

ECAT (Environmental Center for Arab Towns) is a scientific research institute, which deals with environmental issues to raise environmental awareness concerning Arab city's natural resources, sustainable economy and sustainable development. ECAT is affiliated with the Arab Town Organization (ATO), also operates under the umbrella of the Director General of Dubai Municipality and 13 representatives from ATO member cities.

ECAT is associated with 455 cities across 22 countries of the MENA regions, where it aims to increase awareness and knowledge of the environment. One of ECAT's foremost information tools is its Envirocities e-Magazine – a journal covering many of the environmental issues that include:

The Envirocities e-Magazine, which is published in both English and Arabic, is designed to increase awareness of concurrent environmental problems facing the region, showing some of the environmental on ground projects and their success stories in addition to knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer. The magazine, which recently won the Pan Arab Web Awards Academy's award for the BEST STRUCTURE 2012, is considered one of the foremost environmental journals of the region.

The upcoming issue of Envirocities e-magazine will concentrate on biodiversity conservation and paying attention on safeguarding local and regional nature reserves, and preserving their sanctuary. Natural reserves are habitats that are kept isolated to protect special geographical features, flora and fauna, or wild life species for the purpose of conservation or research.

The importance of developing local nature reserves are:

  • Provide protection to endangered plants and animals species
  • To carry out scientific research in greater depth
  • Study natural conditions and recovery of ecosystems without intrusion
  • Provide coming generations with a glimpse of wilderness
  • help animals from becoming endangered or extinct
  • save trees and plants from being cut down
  • help stop hunting for sport and skins and save hunted animals
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