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Arab World: A Flourishing GREEN ECONOMY!

The need to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities has become a matter of global concern. The increasing use of fossil fuels and unhindered destruction of the environment can no longer be ignored. It's a global crisis of great magnitude.

The environmental crisis has highlighted fundamental flaws in current economic models and assumptions. This has forced many professionals (from across the globe) to take a closer look at the declining situation of the globe and commitment towards promoting Green Economy. It is essentially a theory, which supports eco-friendly sustainability and economic development through renewable resources. Its main idea is to build an environment with zero carbon emission in an attempt to improve human well-being and build sustainability in a controlled manner.

Environmental Center for Arab Towns (ECAT) endeavours to bridge the environmental gap between Arab towns and communities. The organization, through conferences, seminars and publication attempts to bring the various sections of the population to understand the importance of preserving nature and utilizing the power of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy
Unlike energy obtained from burning fossil fuels like oil, gas, coal, "renewable energy" comes from natural resources, which can be regenerated. Sources for renewable energy include solar, water, wind power etc.

ECAT is presenting some of On ground project implemented in Arab towns regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency to learn from such projects and to raise environmental awareness and environmental education about the importance of implementing renewable projects in the Arab Cities. Projects include

  • Landfill Gas Recovery
  • Solar Energy Projects at King Abdullah University and in Farasan Island
  • Solar Panels in the public parks projects
  • Jordan Electric Vehicles Solar Charging Project: Environmental Importance, Technicality, and the Lessons to Be Learned
  • The Brazilian's Government role in promoting sugarcane ethanol: implications for countries looking to introduce alternative energy sources.

To learn more about the above-mentioned projects and the latest news affecting the region's environment and economic development, visit ECAT's Envirocities e-Magazine – a journal designed specifically to help individuals stay abreast with environmental concerns and news.

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