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Home Appliances are integral part of our daily life today. For example, 99,7% of German households own a refrigerator and 96,4% a washing machine. Our way of living is not more imaginable without these convenient appliances. With the increased number of households, also the energy consumption by home appliances is increased. Especially old appliances with less energy efficient technologies cause high electricity consumption and with it also higher bills. However, this relation can be changed by replacing old appliances with newer energy and water efficient appliances. It is assumed that, again in Germany, approximately 40% of the households use cooling appliances older than 10 years. If these appliances would be replaced today by more efficient models, an energy saving potential of 8 billion kWh per year can be achieved. This is equal to yearly saving of 4.7 billion tones of CO2 emissions.

Considering such example cases shows, that a significant portion of energy used today is consumed by appliances in homes. Consequently it's only logical to use energyefficient appliances wherever possible. They markedly reduce a country's energy consumption levels along with its carbon footprint.

At Siemens, we recognised this mega-trend of increased regulation around the topic. There's a rapidly growing public awareness about the challenges that face our developing society, and being 'green' is definitely one of them. Ever since, Siemens has declared that developing eco-friendly home appliances and sustainability is at the core of our business.

As a consequence, (and coupled with the Group's programme of ongoing technical development and innovation), Siemens now offers an entire range of domestic appliances delivering previously unthinkable energy and water savings. For instance, we've reduced the energy consumption of washing machines by 50% and refrigerators by 70%, as compared to similar appliances produced 15 years ago.

The scope of sustainability is to extend beyond water and energy savings and encompasses the whole life cycle of the appliance, right from the time it is produced until the management of how its parts are recycled.

The increasing scarcity of potable water in many parts of the world provides a compelling reason for reducing water usage in home appliances. In this regard, Siemens is proud to offer some of the most water and energy efficient appliances as part of our product portfolio.

Our energy philosophy

As a company, we take energy saving seriously. Siemens is committed to protecting the earth's natural resources, investing some $2.4 billion a year in the development of eco-friendly technology. It's no surprise that over half of our patent portfolio (of 30,000 patents) is in the environmental field.

Our solutions to the world's toughest energy challenges include solid answers - everything from the world's leading energy-saving motors and the world's most efficient gas turbine, to the world's first and brightest white low-energy light emitting diode (LED).

We're also the global leader in the offshore wind farm energy sector, and we're developing processes to capture and securely store the CO2 emitted by fossil fuel power generation.

World-class performance, minimum environmental impact

Our domestic appliances are designed with minimum impact to the environment in mind. Approximately 98% of all the components in Siemens appliances are recyclable, and where possible, we continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

Siemens A+++ rated fridge freezers are 60% more energy efficient than A-rated products, while our dishwashers are so efficient that users can save up to 39 litres of water, per load, when compared to washing by hand. The yearly saved water in one household can fill 60 bathtubs. The world's most energy efficient tumble dryer is a Siemens, and if everyone living in the UK switched their current washing machine to an A-rated Siemens appliance, we would save enough CO2 to fill more than half a million Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The ecoPLUS label

Siemens household appliances currently have the highest EU energy classifications and many considerably exceed those standards. We defined the ecoPLUS label, which can be found on the best Siemens appliances as a sign of their extreme energy efficiency and low use of resources. It makes it even easier to recognise and buy the most energy-efficient household appliances to help save the environment.

Developing energy efficient appliances without scarifying performance and convenience is not possible without big innovations and many intelligent options. In the following part, we'll show you how your choice of household appliances can be good for the environment and good for your budget.


The iDos washing machine is one of our most advanced eco-friendly innovations in the field of domestic laundry – as one of the world's first washing machines to automatically measure and dispense detergent. In addition to the convenience it offers customers, the iDos is a champion when it comes to saving energy. By preventing over and under-application of detergent, iDos users reduce annual water usage by up to 7062 litres per washing machine (as confirmed by the wfk research institute**).

varioPerfect: Two ways to save energy

Our varioPerfect technology allows our customer to save energy in two different ways with the speedPerfect and ecoPerfect functions. While speedPerfect allows users to save time by up to 60%, activation of the ecoPerfect function helps the washing machine automatically adjust the wash cycle and lower the temperature of the water used to wash the laundry by up to 30%.

The only dishwasher with Zeolith® drying.

To make all of our appliances as efficient as possible, our engineers draw inspiration from nature. With the new Zeolith® drying technology in the new generation of speedMatic dishwashers, they have once again created one of the worlds first in resources efficiency.

Zeolith® is a class of naturally occurring minerals that are invisible in the appliance, but the benefits are unmistakable. This is due to the properties of this natural mineral, which has an astonishing ability – it absorbs water molecules and moisture to transform it into heat energy, to dry dishes exceptionally quickly and energy-efficiently.

The outstanding results are very dry dishes in less time, and using less energy. In fact, its energy consumption is 20% below the requirement for Energy Efficiency Class A.***

Innovation Prize for Climate & Environment, 2010

We are proud recipients of the first Innovation Prize, jointly presented by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federatio of German Industries (BDI), four our Zeolith® drying system for dishwashers.

* Source: European Ownership Analysis on Consumer Durables EOACD, 2007
** Source: wfk Institute for Applied Research, Test report WL 5132/10
*** 20% more economical (0.86 kWh/14 place settings) than the standard value (1.08 kWh/14 place settings) for qualifying for Energy Efficiency Class A.

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