My City My Environment Program

Masood Mohammed Bin Masood
Head of Containers Management & Logistics Support
Technical Support & Studies Section
Waste Management Department
Dubai Municipality

My City My Environment Program

In the last few years, Dubai has seen a rapid economic growth and Dubai Municipality is proud of its role in the economic transformation of the Emirate. However ensuring pollution free, live able and safe environment in the context of a rapidly growing economy is quite challenging and we are striving to enhance the standard of living to cope up with the growth of city.

The container management and logistics support unit of waste management department plays a vital role in protecting the environment and public health by providing all kinds of waste containers plus municipal solid waste and medical waste containers in emirate of Dubai as per the international standards.

The waste management after long studies the general waste collection and provide the containers by private in addition to that, the waste containers provided are periodically maintained by the in house maintenance professionals by adopting latest preventive maintenance techniques to encouraged the people for segregations of waste for recycling . There has been substantial cost savings from maintenance of containers and vehicles operation for the Containers management & logistic unit & fleet management unit.

Waste management participated in the pilot project which if successful will be replicated in the Dubai.

Mizhar 1 and 2 in addition to Nad Al Hamar, participated in the programmers which saw large dumpsters being replaced by two wheelie bins for each house. Residents were asked to place recyclable waste in the green bin with the rest being placed in the black or blue bins provided. It seems that the initiative has caught the attention of residents who are participating with great enthusiasm. "This is part of our strategic plan to drastically reduce Dubai's domestic waste production and the first of its kind in the UAE."

We expect that even though residents have to give a small amount of more time to their daily chore due to the initiative but it will help protect the environment in the long run and will be beneficial to the future generations. we are asking the public to put in a little more effort in their daily chores, but the benefit of that little effort will be paid back many times over for their children and grandchildren."

We hopes that residents will ensure that they would through word of mouth raise awareness about the recycling programme. Support from residents is crucial to the success of the programme as in the end they have to ensure sorting of waste in the correct bin and take the cue to do their bid for the earth's environment. Dubai Municipality has taken a number of steps in recent years to make its operations greener and this step to introduce recycle bins in neighborhoods is another commendable initiative taken by the Municipality to become more eco-friendly

The existing 4.5m3 and 2.5m3 bins are removed from the area nearly 1012 bin and well maintained and redistributed to rest of the area as per the requirement, and the companies replace it with 7391 new recycling bins.

My City My Environment Program

Underground Compactor

Dubai In a major initiative, the Dubai Municipality unveiled its fully automated underground waste compactor project, a clean and safe modern waste management solution which collects waste and compresses it underground using the latest technology.

Containers management and logistic support unit emphasized that the study of Under ground compactors comes as part of the larger quest to improve the quality of cleaning and waste collection services in the Emirate. "With changed conditions such as rapid urban development and rising numbers of visitors to the Emirate, the Department is improving or upgrading services through a coordinated approach addressing all steps in the service delivery chain". These measures include improved equipment specifications to incorporate new technologies and increase productivities

The latest waste management solution and is extremely environment friendly. It totally rids the area where waste is collected of stench, and at the same time reduces the number of times waste is collected through the truck to be carried to landfill.

The project is successful, the civic body plans to have more such underground waste compactors across the emirate, by provide 9 more compactors in Dera and Bar Dubai. The new system is more sophisticated compared to the older one as the trash in this case goes underground whereas in the older waste collection system, the trash was being compressed above the ground.

The underground compactor first phase installed at Al- Ras area 2nos. and Shandaga Area is on going project, rest as a follows.

My City My Environment Program
My City My Environment Program

Solar Waste Compactor

We know busy intersections, public parks, city streets, sporting events and other public spaces, this thing let increase of waste around the city and our department following this changes by using its strategy of providing what is required.The solar powered trash compactor can provide a number of solutions in those uses, by reducing waste collection frequency, cleaner environment.

The static compactors are generally used in the areas such as vegetable and fruit markets. And also to cover Festivals, Sport and cultural events whish is held in the Emirate. A compactor is a machine or mechanism used to reduce the size of waste material or soil through compaction.

The solar patented compactor is unique as it is powered by solar panels which makes it entirely independent without any need for electrical connection. These compactors are even work in areas that don't receive direct sunlight. This Solar compactor of 20 capacity and compaction ratio of 1: 5 will be placed at Al awir vegetable and fruit market as a pilot study.

The Waste Management's other sustainability goals, Waste Management is investing in new technologies to better manage waste. The unit emphasized that the study of these compactors comes as part of the larger quest to improve the quality of cleaning and waste collection services in the Emirate. "With changed conditions such as rapid urban development and rising numbers of visitors to the Emirate, the Department is improving or upgrading services through a coordinated approach addressing all steps in the service delivery chain". These measures include improved equipment specifications to incorporate new technologies and increase productivities.

The consumers report that convenience and accessibility of public trash and recycling receptacles are a major influence in encouraging them to dispose of waste properly and providing environmentally responsible options in public spaces can be a valuable tool for communities as they raise awareness of the importance of proper waste disposal.

My City My Environment Program

Solar Litter Bins

The latest innovation in Bins solar-powered outdoor litter bins that feature advertising in beautifully encased panels embedded within a sophisticated black body with purple LED light and low-cost, energy efficient,

The bins will be the first time in Dubai Municipality and UAE That is, energy saving, environmentally friendly, avant-garde street furniture that improve the look of Dubai's streets , more over to encourage the pedestrian to littering proper way .

The Bins panels are lined with LEDS that are solar powered. This enables the use of sustainable energy to power up lights without having to use electricity, hence reducing carbon footprint. Not limited to only reducing carbon footprint, solar Bins are also advertising platforms unique in design and highly presentable while promoting waste management amongst the general public are effective social tools which and green functions into one element.

Chewing Gum Removal Unit

Chewing gum removal is a major issue for the cleaning of public places. It is important to keep public places clean an hygienic, but it can be difficult with the amount of traffic the area is exposed.

Many people have the habit of disposing their chewing gum wherever is most convenient for them. If there is no trash bin nearby, the gum often will be spit out onto the ground The result is a public place littered with chewing gum wads.

Gum residue can be found almost anywhere, including parks, pavement, waiting areas and nearly any public place you can think of. Without proper cleaning, the gum residue will not only soil the appearance of the place, but also may irritate guests and ruin floor surfaces.

The Technical Services & studies section / Containers management & logistic support to find the solution and introduce the new steam cleaning equipment may come with technologically advanced anti-bacterial features that help eliminate more than 99 percent of germs, bacteria and allergens from different surfaces and keep the city environmentally, the Steam cleaning machines are amazingly powerful in eliminating tough deposits of dirt, grime, and stains from hard surfaces by generating very hot steam at high pressure levels, these steam cleaning systems make the job of cleaning off chewing gum from floors, walls and other surfaces easier than ever before. Hot steam can dissolve even old wads of chewing gum almost instantly.

My City My Environment Program

Attractive Waste Bins for Enhance Aesthetic Look of City

The Refuse disposal from many buildings in Dubai is dispose by bin or container. The main problem with container use is in establishing a proper place littering many buildings tenant people are rendered unsightly and unhygienic by inappropriate and inadequate spatial provision for bins. Keeping these issues in mind, Containers Management & logistic support unit decided that it would be appropriate to develop a flexible system.

Suggested the innovation of Floor design for our existing and upcoming containers like litter bins and trolley bins to enhance attraction and attention of Dubai residents in using our waste containers environmentally and friendly.

The unit has been started to replace 2500 Nos. old waste bins with attractive ones decorated with pitcher of flowers to enhance the aesthetic look of the city and end of 2013 we will replace rest of all litter bins more over we start placing attractive trolley bins with different type nature design to attractive depend up on the area mode is in line the strategic plan 2015 to enhance of Dubai as the most advanced cities in the world.

My City My Environment Program
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