The Smartflower

Alexandra Tsvetkova
ZOHAL Renewable Energy

This year the spring winds wafted a new Austrian floral species to sunny Dubai – the smartflower! The first all-in-one smart photovoltaic system of the world, created by the Austrian company smartflower energy technology, was presented this February during Solar Middle East 2017, part of Middle East Electricity by the Dubai-based company Zohal Renewable Energy LLC. With easy installation and inspired by actual sunflowers, this revolutionary state-of- art can generate up to 6 200 kWh yearly from a single unit, depending on the region you live in.

Among all the sophisticated smart features like the sun tracking system, let`s see what really makes a world of difference here?

For starters, we shall all agree, that the reward in using solar power and having solar panels, installed on your rooftop is tangible. Moreover, it is a great way to fight the climate change and reduce your carbon footprint.

However, some rooftop solar PV systems can be a headache at times for homeowners, especially when it comes to position and location. Compared to a standard rooftop PV setup, this system is less intrusive for installation and maintenance, which makes it perfect also for villas tenants, buildings of “special” architectural and historical importance, etc. It simply puts pure and clean energy in the hands of households, businesses and governments.

Smartflower comes up with a simplified ground mount installation that can be easily dismounted and transported conveniently.

Maybe, in the years to come, such smart PV systems will be as common as the hybrid vehicles, but right now this revolutionary breakthrough stands out big time! Here`s why:

At sunrise, smartflower wakes up, fans out its petal-shaped panels and cleans itself automatically, preparing to soak in the sun`s rays throughout the whole day, facing them at 90 degrees and following the sun like a real sunflower, thanks to its bi-axial tracking system, so that it can immediately begin generating energy. It starts capturing and absorbing energy earlier than the conventional rooftop PV installation. It is even absorbing the last rays of the sun, which gives 60% more usable power and direct utilization. On the other hand, due to its dual tracking system, the smartflower turns to be 40% more

efficient comparing to the static regular PV setups, waiting for the sun to come at their favourable angle. At sunset, the system closes up automatically.

Efficiency, design and special technology come all together in an exceptional durability and resistance of its “petals” to bad weather conditions – strong winds, for instance. To prevent damage, it folds back in a rest position, so when the storm calms down, the system opens up again.

Not to worry about the maintenance either! Every time when the system folds and unfolds, the smartflower cleans itself, removing the dust and the sand from the panels, allowing them to produce more electricity. In addition to that, its cooling system is higher than other installations, because it`s not facing or leaning against the ground or other surface, which increases its performance and reduces common loses by up to 15%.

Above all, its smart energy management system allows you to harness the generated energy either from the batteries, the grid or the panels. You can monitor as well the amount of energy accumulated, the usage and the direction of this energy. The smartflower comes in two other handy options: smartflower POP+, which alongside the production of electricity, gives you the option for storing it for a later use and smartflower POP-e, which combines the all-in-one solar system plus a charging station for electrical vehicles and mobile devices.

Smartflower POP is easily installed and operational in less than two hours, because of the readymade smart system. All it needs is to be bolted to the ground in the desired spot. The system`s plug-and-play features make it operational in no time. Whenever you want to move out, you just disassemble it and take it with you to your new home.

While the demand for alternative sources is constantly growing, the smartflower tends to easily become one of the best ways to contribute to the health of the environment. It has all you need from a system to generate and store your very own solar energy! The Smart Solar Technology is surely one of the leading trends in the Renewable Energy and the smartflower is definitely the breakthrough this industry needed!

Speaking about leading trends, Dubai knows how to be always on the cutting edge – just recently Dubai Municipality became proud owner of the first smartflower in the emirate, celebrating it with an official ceremony at the municipality headquarters. The event was honored by H.E. Eng. Hussein Nasser Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality.

What a better way to set a good example to the society? To encourage and inspire others to be creative, curios and always one step ahead?

We all can`t wait to see what projects will be smartflower part of! The bar has been raised high.

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