QMILK - Organic Polymer - The Material of the Future

Anke Domaske
Qmilk Deutschland GmbH

With the world's first - 100% natural plastic QMILK makes a decisive contribution to human health and the environment.

  • Reduction of the conventional plastic from crude oil (Petroleum) And thus the micro-plastic problem
  • Utilization of unused waste from the dairy industry

Until this present moment, the milk that may no longer be used for food because it is acidic or the shelf life has expired - is disposed of for a lot of money in the biogas plant. Combined with renewable raw materials and produced with innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable High-Tec-technology - the QMILK-bio-plastic is produced.

QMILK® Collect - Source: http://de.qmilk.eu/

Properties of QMILK Bioplastics:

  • Within a few months completely bio-degradable
  • Silky-smooth to the touch, climate control, natural antibacterial
  • Dermatologically "excellent".
  • Low Flammability and Low density flame

"Best product of QMILK" are natural fibers for textile and paper industry. Thus, our clothing and diapers are wonderfully silky and compostable.

Milk Can Save Our Environment!

Milk is a brilliant resource of raw material. It is not only a valuable food and supports our health – it can save our environment from plastic waste and the micro plastic in the sea. The best thing is that we don’t produced milk for this, but use only the waste milk, which is expensive and is disposed of in the biogas plant. It may no longer be used for food. In Germany alone, about 2 million tons are destroyed every year and this problem exists all over the world. QMILK produces the QMILK-Bio plastics with new, energy-efficient and sustainable High-Tec technology. It consists only of the non food milk and renewable raw materials. Everything so far that is made of petroleum plastics, can replace by the QMILK bio plastic - films, everyday items and also textile fibers. The QMILK fibers are natural fibers that have a silk-like feel, climate-regulating and antibacterial. So, not only our cloths are wonderfully cuddly and compostable, e.g. Even the windmill would not disappear in 400 years. With QMILK organic plastic there is no micro plastic in the sea, because it dissolves without leaving any residue. "Every effort is made for better products that are good for both people and the environment.” Said the Staff of QMILK


Source: http://de.qmilk.eu/produkte/qmilkgranulat/


Source: http://de.qmilk.eu/produkte/die-faser/

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