Dubai Lamp

Eng. Ahmed Saeed Al Badwawi
Director of Applied Sustainability
& Renewable Energy Department
Dubai Municipality

In Guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, May Allah Bless Him, aimed to develop Dubai to become one of the most sustainable and smartest cities globally.

Dubai Municipality announced launching of Dubai Lamp initiative, an outcome of the research and development partnership between Dubai Municipality and Philips Lighting company to become the most effective lamp in the world for commercial use, It’s the first lamp in the markets that goes beyond the barrier of 200 Lumens watts in terms of efficiency of power usage. The lamp will be available in the Dubai market by the end of this year with plans to replace 80% of the lamps used in Dubai with the new lamp, Where Dubai Municipality and Phillips prepare to provide two million residents of the city of Dubai lamp in 2017, a figure that is expected to rise to up to 10 million in 2021.

Dubai Lamp Initiative promotes public awareness of the need of energy savings to reduce carbon emissions, it is also works in line with government vision and Dubai Energy Strategy of 2030 to achieve the reduction of energy consumption by 30% and reduce carbon pollution by lowering carbon emissions 16% (nearly 640,000 tons per year in one house) by 2021, in addition to promoting clean energy practices to protect the environment and achieve sustainability in all aspects of life.

This Initiative offers many tangible benefits, most notably the savings in the bill for lighting by up to 90%, the amount of savings will be 4000 dirhams a year, longer life lamps up to 15 years, and the ratio of savings to the default lifetime of these new lamps is 1000 AED per year, compared to the old lamps that reaches up to 3000 AED per year. Also, the savings ratio of the operational hours for the Dubai Lamp is 10,700kWh per year, the result of the total amount of savings from the efficiency of the lamp which is by 7 700 kWh per year with the energy savings resulted from the lamp temperature decrease by 3 000 kWh per year. In addition, the lamp is characterized as environmentally friendly and does not contain mercury or heavy toxins. As well as it is low in temperatures, thus provides cooling costs, and does not emit ultraviolet rays.

Our achievements Dubai's leading lamp initiative boils down to:

  • Upon completion of the project in fixing 100 lamps in each house in the Emirate of Dubai will save AED 4000 per year.
  • Will save AED 1000 yearly due to the use of Dubai Lamb because of the increased lamb life with compared to the use of conventional lambs that consumes arround AED 3000 yearly.
  • Will save 10,700kWh per year, a result of the reduced number of operating hours of the Dubai Lamp.

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