Dubai Municipality Commissioned and Launched The Landfill Gas Recovery and Flaring Project

Eng. Ahmed Abdulla Alsalami
Head of Building Systems Development Unit
Building Department
Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality Commissioned and Launched The Landfill Gas Recovery and Flaring Project
Dubai Municipality Commissioned and Launched The Landfill Gas Recovery and Flaring Project

Dubai Municipality commissioned and launched the Landfill Gas Recovery and Flaring Project at Al Qusais Landfill in Dubai. The commissioning of this plant underlines Dubai's focus on sustainable development in the region and stays in line with UAE's and Dubai's "Green Economy" vision.

Project Development, design and construction was implemented and realized by Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC. The project is registered with the United Nations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The implementation of this large-scale CDM Project marks a new milestone for the region targeting the reduction of methane (CH4) from the landfill, with an annual estimated reduction of 250,000 tons of CO2.

The landfill gas recovery system will operate the flares by utilizing a GE Jenbacher landfill gas engine to generate 1 MW (1,000 kW) of electricity marking another first for the region. The power will be used to operate the Flares as well as provide power to the Dubai Municipality site offices at Al Qusais. This will drastically reduce and nearly eliminate the use of diesel, which is harmful to the environment, on site.

Al Qusais is one of the largest sites for municipal waste collection in Dubai receiving approximately 5,000 tons daily. The gas collection system that has been implemented by Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability ensures that the landfill remains active for many years to come. The care and detail taken in the engineering and in the construction has been able to decrease and managed the mal odors and has as well reduced the associated health risks, fires and adverse environmental impacts.

Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC and Dubai Municipality has set a new benchmark in Dubai's sustainable development. Al Qusais is the first Landfill in the region to produce power from landfill gas. The social, economic and environmental benefits of this project highlight the effectiveness of the project and demonstrate Dubai Municipality's commitment to sustainability and sustainable initiatives.

Some Technical Details Construction work for the landfill gas project started in January 2012, with horizontal and vertical gas wells being drilled some 22 meters deep into the waste to extract the landfill gas. Over 18 Km of slotted pipes has been laid in the gas collection system. Over the course of the year, the various components of the project included the construction on the landfill, the design and covering of the waste for effective gas collection, the setting up and commissioning of the extraction plant and flare, and finally the installation of the GE Jenbacher landfill gas engine. All tasks were completed as per schedule. With the official commissioning of the plant, initially a high-efficiency flare with a capacity of flaring 6,000 cubic meters per hour of landfill gas, will safely dispose methane, which constitutes about 55 percent of the landfill gas. The GE Jenbacher landfill gas engine will use a small portion of the gas to generate power to run the plant and the Municipality site offices

Some Technical Details
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