Environmental Education and Awareness

Environmental Education between Responsibility & Sustainability

Environmental education is an on-going process as long as man's life goes on. Children and adults equally need it. As such, it aims at conveying environmental awareness.

Urgency of Environmental Education

Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain the qualities that are valued in the physical environment. For example, most people want to sustain (maintain):

Environmental Education Programmes from Foundation for Environmental Education

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the world’s largest international charity, working with environmental education in the broader context of education for sustainable development.

Dubai Municipality Role in Environmental Education and Awareness in Dubai

Environmental Awareness Section in the Environmental Department of Dubai Municipality seeks achieving the highest environmental awareness level among various.

Sustainable schools - EAD -

If we want to protect, preserve and maintain the sustainability of our planet for the future, then each one of us needs to take immediate positive steps on multiple levels.

Education for Sustainable Development

During the last decades we have been witnessed increasing international interest towards involving sustainability in education in order to build future generation that can deal sustainable development.

Environmental Education in Emirates Wildlife Society

Unlike the traditional approach to environmental educational, integrating the principle of sustainability into the core of all applied and theoretical sciences is key.

Environmental Education Initiatives - Ministry of Education, UAE

The Ministry of Education, UAE pays a great attention to the environment programs and projects as it has devoted initiatives targeting the governmental and non-governmental schools students.

UAE Green Festival A milestone on the way to sustainability

UAE Green Festival is the first environmental festival of its kind in the UAE and the region to celebrate sustainability all over the seven emirates. On March 16th 2014, planting trees marked the inception of UAE Green Festival 2014.

United Nations Environment Programmes (UNEP) for Sustainable Development through Education

It is worldwide commonly understood that investment in meaningful education is the motive towards human development.Science enables people to fight against the troubles of life
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