Dubai Municipality Uses Green Energy Sources to Implement the Public Parks Projects

Eng. Fatima Essa Al Muhairiy
Head of Landscaping Section
General Projects Department
Dubai Municipality

The distinguished achievements made during the 40 years of the foundation of the United Arab Emirates are a source of pride for everybody due to what has been achieved in the various areas that characterize the country, including the pilot facilities and projects in accordance with the highest standards. All that has been done with full insistence despite all circumstances, developments and global requirements, most notably taking into consideration the global climate and environmental change that imposed a new concept on us, causing us to care about the environment, where it has become a matter of necessity and urgency associated with the local and global efforts for the sustainability issue which represents one of the themes that should be adopted to achieve the desired objectives. This is sponsored by Dubai Municipality which strives in contribute to reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and savings in energy consumption.

This was stated by H.E Eng. Hussein Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, who explained that the vision of Dubai Municipality for the importance of applying the highest international standards, including the specifications and standards of green buildings and cities to preserve our natural resources and environment. He also stressed the promotion of sustainable practices in all projects adopted and supervised by Dubai Municipality by following the best practices and green technologies that help in achieving our regulatory objectives for continuity of achieving the economic, social and environmental development.

On the other hand, it is necessary to focus on the importance of raising the efficiency of energy consumption in the Emirate of Dubai by reducing its consumption using the latest technologies in the stages of planning, design, implementation and operation for creating a distinguished city that provides comfort of living and elements of success for creating more sustainable urban environment and enhancing the efficiency of infrastructure to meet the future development requirements to support the strategic plan of the Emirate of Dubai.

The care about environment has become a matter of necessity and urgency, and it is associated with the local and global efforts for the sustainability issue which represents one of the themes that are considered the hot topic today, which we must get prepared for them prior to being imposed on us due to the climate and environment change, as the world every day uses nearly 320 billion kilowatt of energy, i.e. equivalent to 22 lamps burning without stopping for every person on the planet, and this means a waste of energy.

The localization of renewable energy technologies is an orientation that the General Projects Department at Dubai Municipality works to adopt by practical application of projects in reality, including projects for construction of parks and public squares using methods that increase efficiency of the use of energy, water and natural resources, starting with choosing the best locations for these projects through their designs, construction, operation and periodic maintenance up to recycling of their elements. We, here, would like to mention some examples of successful projects, by which the General Projects Department at Dubai Municipality has excelled, using environmentally friendly components and technologies, such as Port Saeed Plaza Square project which is considered as a new orientation in the field of open parks that form urban spaces aiming at creating a suitable environment to help optimizing the use of the place to accommodate the multiple and diverse events and usages with innovative designs that take into consideration the use of solar energy to operate the lighting elements and irrigation system, thus the plants and trees are irrigated and cultivated, as well as the night lighting of the Plaza is provided without operation costs for the energy. In addition, energy-saving lamps with LED technology have been used in lighting, the matter which increases the efficiency of the operating system. This experiment has been applied in many public squares in which solar-powered lighting elements in the following areas (Mateenah, Abu Hail, Hor Al Anz, and Al Ras) in addition to another set of squares and parks in Al Barsha First, Umm Suqeim, Umm Al Sheif, Al Barsha Third in addition to a neighborhood park in Al Sufouh. It is worth mentioning that the green roofs are used in some projects that provide 25% of the conditioning energy because they work as a good thermal insulation in summer and keeps heat inside the building in winter, increasing the green area and reducing the concrete spaces.

Dubai Municipality aspires to construct public parks, neighborhood gardens and public squares by relying entirely on the solar energy sources to operate all facilities of these parks as well as operating the lighting elements and irrigation systems for trees and green spaces (Zero Energy parks), we have thus achieved green projects in every sense of the word, and we have become, in word and deed, friends to our beautiful environment.

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