Energy Efficiency

Use of Renewable Energy in the Gulf Countries

The human keeps searching for new sources of energy to meet his growing needs in the developed applications of life in which he lives. However, some sources of energy are known of being exhausted, high cost of their utilization and negative impact of their use...

Renewable Energy Secret of interest! And to where?

There was recently much talking about many terms in the field of energy sources. Such talk is about the renewable energy, alternative energy and sometimes the green energy, new energy and sustainable energy....

Dubai Municipality Uses Green Energy Sources to Implement the Public Parks Projects

The distinguished achievements made during the 40 years of the foundation of the United Arab Emirates are a source of pride for everybody due to what has been achieved in the various areas that characterize the

Waste To Energy The Best In Alternate Energy

'Global Warming', 'Ecological Imbalance', 'Climate Control', 'Environmental threats', 'Carbon Emission', etc. are the most threatening words for the last few years across the globe. Seriousness of these words and related issues has still not percolated into many

End of Life Solution for Plastic Wastes Ensuring Safe Disposal Of Plastic Waste Is A Conscious Responsibility

The environment is filled with such plastic wastes which cannot be converted and are but just dumped in one corner of our living land area or sometimes recycled.

Philips Takes the Next Unilateral Step of Phasing-out Incandescent bulbs to Help Reduce Energy Consumption in the GCC

Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) announced today the continuation of its independent efforts to phase-out incandescent light bulbs in the Gulf

Saudi Arabia Develops Solar Energy Projects at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology and in Farasan Island

Currently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's population is estimated at 27 million with energy demands growing at an annual rate of 5%.

Buildings Energy Sustainability Management from Basement to Rooftop

As new building put into place the latest green build technology, many of the buildings built within the past twenty or even ten years are consuming energy with now outdated technology.

Jordan Electric Vehicles Solar Charging Project: Environmental Importance, Technicality, and the Lessons to Be Learned

Through a private-public partnership that includes a consortium of local and international partners, the construction of the Jordan Solar Electric Vehicles Charging Pilot Project was kicked off.

The Brazilian Government's Role in Promoting Sugarcane Ethanol:

Ethanol production was spurred by the oil crisis in the early 1970s when Brazil was forced to look for an alternative source of fuel. Today, Brazil is the world's second largest ethanol producer following the U.S. and the largest ethanol exporter; as of 2009,...

Clean Planet . Better Life . Live Longer

Some blame the current problem of pollution on growing population. Demographers at the United Nations tell us that world population, 6.8 billion people today, could grow to 9.2 billion by 2050. That's actually a middle-range projection. It could be as high as 10.5 billion or as low as 8 billion.
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