About Us

The Environmental Center for Arab Towns (ECAT) is a scientific research institute which deals with environmental issues concerning Arab city's natural resources and sustainable development. ECAT was founded by the Arab Town Organization (ATO) in 2005 and its permanent headquarters are located in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Center is affiliated with Dubai Municipality and the ATO and has the active membership of more than 400 Arab cities and towns. One of its fundamental aims is to organize conferences and discussion forums to bridge communication gaps and create synergies such that environmental expertise can be shared between all Arab towns and cities.

Our Vision

Arab Towns with safe, healthy and pollution - free environments, and aware, involved societies.

Our Mission

Working together to preserve the natural and urban environments and protect them from pollution in the shadow of sustainable development.

Our Values

The centre aims to fulfill its vision and mission based on the following values:

Effective contribution to provide environmental solutions to address the needs of Arab towns

Acquiring, developing, and sharing knowledge in the environmental field.

Constructive and productive cooperation with all parties concerned in the aim of improving environmental practices in Arab towns.

Innovation & Appreciation:
Spread the spirit of creativity and excellence through the adoption and implementation of constructive environmental projects in Arab towns.

Main Objectives

  • Establish a universal environmental strategy for Arab towns.
  • Provide ATO members with technical assistance and support in establishing environmental procedures and implementing strategies to preserve the natural equilibrium between all elements of nature in the shadow of sustainable development.
  • Offer technical support, consulting services and environmental expertise to ATO members in the fields of environmental health, natural resources and urban sustainable development.
  • Study the different aspects of the nature and urban environments in Arab towns and conduct research to identify and explore environmental concerns and take the necessary measures to address them.
  • Establish an Environmental Data Bank by applying an efficient Geographic Information System (GIS) to the fields of monitoring, updating, analyzing and comparing data concerning the Arab Environment. This will facilitate the documentation process and increase the level of coordination among Arab Towns.
  • Consolidate the connections, reinforce cooperation and facilitate the exchange of environmental expertise between Arab towns. This can be achieved through sharing ideas, developing mutual programs and exchanging visits between members of the ATO.
  • Prepare environmentally aware cadres in all ATO member cities which are qualified and trained in the environmental field. Trainings will be conducted in accordance with the most innovative methods and up-to-date scientific techniques.
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